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Welcome to Hydroponic Heresey!

We are recruiting!

Current Status: 5-8 active players average level 40

Recruiting Goal: 20-30 active players (plays 2-3 nights a week) total

Looking For:

Time Zone: Eastern (US)

Age: 25+ with exceptions (we are on the mature side but we are just as stupid as anyone else)

Player Type: In their younger years considered Hardcore; however due to real life obligations (work, family etc.) are regulated to casual play. We are looking for 1 to 2 nights "dedication" when we start hitting level 50 instances and raids.

Personality Type: Easy going but knows to be serious when trying to acomplish a goal, aka boss fights and pvp. Dying is an opurtunity to learn and not get frustrated! Our motto "We strive to suck less!"

What we can do for you? We have a very friendly core group as of now with members who have a ton fo MMO experience. We have advanced crafters in all professions who are willing to help you gear up on your trek to 50. Once at 50 you will become part of our raiding team. Depending on play style, class ect we hope to have a regular raid group that meets at least once a week, and pvp group once a week no more than twice. Our guild is our online family and we treat it as so; this is why we are limiting our numbers. Real life friends and family are more than welcome to join if they are looking to raid, pvp, or not.

Play Type Focus: PVP 40% PVE 60%

Fill out an application if you are interested!
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What are we looking for in a Recruit:

1) Age 25+ (a certain maturity level)
2) Former MMO experience
3) Non-Hardcore l337s (we are a casual, Real Life friendly guild with careers and family)
4) Able to dedicate one to three nights a week to play.
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